Creating a Stop Motion Movie Using Keynote

Use Keynote as an easy way to digitally create slides for use in a stop motion movie. Slides from Keynote can be exported as images, then dragged into iMovie. By removing the Ken Burns effect, and setting all the slides to 0.1 seconds, you can easily create a stop motion movie.

What is Stop Motion?

Stop Motion, or stop action, is a way to create a video by piecing together pictures taken in quick succession. For our purposes, we will be putting our pictures into iMovie at 10 fps... That means it'll take 10 pictures to make one second of video! If you want to make a 1 minute video, how many pictures do you need to take? That's right... 600!

Your Project:

To create a Stop Motion project, you need to have a plan. Are you sharing information? Are you illustrating a concept? Are you trying to entertain? Are you just going for a cool effect? Will portions of your video be shot from different camera angles? Do you have a beginning, middle, and end? Are you going to include music? What about sound effects? Voiceover? Do you need text slides between portions of your video to help explain your point? Plan, plan, and plan.

Example of Keynote Stop Motion

Beach Ball

Video Tutorials for Keynote Stop Motion

  1. Finding and preparing images
  2. Setting up Keynote
  3. Export slides
  4. iMovie

Steps for creating a Keynote Stop Motion

  1. Find images for your background, and for your "characters."
  2. Create a Keynote presentation, and select black or white for the theme.
  3. Save your project.
  4. On the bottom, left-hand pull-down menu, select Fit to Window so that you can see the whole slide.
  5. Go to the Master's pull-down, and select Blank.
  6. Put the background on your first slide. Make sure it is centered and fits the screen.
  7. Click once on the background to select it, then go to the Arrange menu, and select Lock.
  8. Put your character on the screen in his starting position.
  9. Click on your slide in the slide sorter. It will have a yellow box around it to indicate that it is selected.
  10. Go to the Edit menu, and select Duplicate.
  11. Move your character slightly. Note: Click once on your character. It will show handles to indicate that it is selected. Holding down the command key while you grab a handle allows you to rotate it.
  12. Repeat steps 8-10 for each movement.
  13. Use the arrow key on your keyboard to preview your stop motion slides.
  14. Go to the Share menu, and select Export.
  15. Click the button for Images.
  16. You will be exporting all slides. Change the Quality to High.
  17. Click Next.
  18. Before you save, make sure your project is going to your Desktop AND that you have clicked the button to create a new folder.
  19. Open the folder you just made, and click on the button to view the contents as a list.
  20. Click on modification date column header to sort oldest to newest.
  21. Open iMovie, and create a new project without any theme.
  22. Drag your image files into the project.
  23. Click on the first slide to select it, then go to the Edit menu and select Select All. All slides will show a yellow box around them.
  24. Use the gear tool on one of the slides to select Cropping and Ken Burns Effect. Click on the Fit button.
  25. Use the gear tool on one of the slides to select Clip Adjustments. Set the slide to 0.1 seconds.
  26. Add text titles.
  27. Add jingle.
  28. Export as Quicktime.