iWork Projects... Keynote and Pages

This website will help you think out of the box when using Keynote and Pages. These projects can be created on a computer, then exported in a more universal format (html or video).

Keynote is a great tool for creating a traditional, linear slide show. That is, the slideshow goes from slide 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. The neat thing about Keynote is that it can do so much more! Use Keynote to create digital storybooks, video slideshow, pop-up presentations, menu of choices, choose your own adventure, and stop-motion movies.

Pages can be used for creating graphics. Use Pages to create movie posters, book covers, DVD jackets, billboard designs, logos, tri-fold brochures... Let your imagination go wild!

Why not combine ideas from a couple of project ideas...
  • A Logo Design (Pages) that acts as a menu for a Pop-Up Hyperlink Presentation (Keynote) project example
  • A Movie Poster (Pages) with an accompanying Movie Trailer (GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote Slideshow)
  • A Choose Your Own Adventure (Keynote Hyperlink Project) where the final slide in each path has a Stop Motion Movie (Keynote/iMovie).
  • Your own Book Cover Design (Pages) for a Digital Storybook (Keynote)
  • A Informational Brochure (Pages) and an accompanying Commercial (GarageBAnd, iMovie, Keynote Slideshow)
  • Create a Digital Storybook (Keynote) where then end user gets to Choose the Adventure or Direction of the story (Keynote)

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Exporting your Project as a HTML Site and Turning it in to Teacher Dropbox
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